Humidity is in the Hair

Hello summer! So happy for longer days, balmy nights, and spending hours at the beach or pool. The one thing about summer that I could live without, though, is the sauna-like heat wave of humidity that wreaks havoc on my hair. Although we love moisture for our hair and skin, the Florida humidity can be a challenge for maintaining a coiffed style. High humidity can present challenges such as frizz; lifeless hair (or the complete opposite); huge, uncontrollable hair, and curls or waves that rebel against staying straight. As tempting as it might seem, resist the urge to give up the fight during the summer months. With the right Aveda products and a little effort, these common hair challenges can be overcome. 

Hydrating hair is essential for defending against the effects of humidity. Beloved summer activities such as going to the beach, swimming, boating, or just being outside in the sun more often can cause dryness and damage that needs to be addressed. Maintaining a healthy system for your hair during the summer will set you up for success on the days you need your hairstyle to cooperate.

One of our favorite product lines is Aveda’s Nutriplenish for ultra-hydration. This product line contains organic ingredients of pomegranate seed oil, coconut oil and mango butter. Choose their “Light” line for fine hair and “Deep” line for thick or coarse hair. For extra hydration and heat styling protection pair with the Nutriplenish Leave-in Conditioner.

Another great way to maintain healthy hair during the summer months is to do a weekly mask treatment on your hair. When choosing the right mask, determine if your hair is dry or damaged. Once you establish your hair needs, check out a few top favorite masks such as Aveda’s Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment, Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque and Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque. Pick a day of the week when you can spare five extra minutes during your shower routine. You and your hair are worth it!


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Although hydration is key to healthy, manageable hair, the right styling products are also essential during the humid season.

Top recommendations:

  • Use styling products that defend against humidity such as Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother, which fights humidity for up to 12 hours.
  • Leave-in conditioner is a curly haired girl’s best friend! Aveda’s Cherry Almond Softening Leave-in Conditioner is great for locking in moisture and creating soft, touchable hair.
  • Embrace your hair’s natural texture and control frizz with Be Curly Style Prep . This product detangles, moisturizes and defines curls, as it seals the cuticle and provides all-day frizz control.
  • Choose a longer hair style in the summer to add weight to your curls and help prevent hair from expanding from humidity.
  • Aveda’s Smooth Infusion system is great for days you want to straighten your hair and keep it straight. Use for frizz control and heat styling protection.
  • For fine hair that goes lifeless from humidity, use volumizing products such as Volumizing Tonic for root lift and Phomollient Styling Foam for lightweight hold, volume and shine.
  • When you have a day that your hair refuses to cooperate; rock a fun braid, clips or hair bands!

In order to truly set yourself up for successful hair days this summer, have your stylist determine the best hair care system for you. Schedule regular trims and in-salon conditioning treatments every six weeks or more often if needed. Enjoy your summer, stay safe and make every day a great hair day!


Contributed by Michele Ruditis, Level 6 Stylist and Aveda Ambassador

Top Image Credit: Aveda Instagram


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