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All About Keratin

Who doesn’t love shiny, smooth hair? We all admire the hair that we see in beauty ads or hair product commercials, but so many factors can cause damage making your hair feel lifeless and frizzy. Smoothing treatments are a way to recondition and give you the shine and beautiful hair that you have always striven… Read more »


Curly Hair, Don’t Care!

For those of us that have naturally curly hair…I say embrace it! Especially here in Florida, where the humidity is very high and lifestyle is mostly outside or at the beach! As a stylist, I realize a challenge for most clients is knowing which products to use. I hear from clients all the time, “I… Read more »


Humidity is in the Hair

Hello summer! So happy for longer days, balmy nights, and spending hours at the beach or pool. The one thing about summer that I could live without, though, is the sauna-like heat wave of humidity that wreaks havoc on my hair. Although we love moisture for our hair and skin, the Florida humidity can be… Read more »