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Reignite Your Glow: Self-Care Secrets with Panache

With “love month” upon us, it’s tempting to get caught up in the details of planning for others. We’re sure your S.O. will absolutely adore that special gift and box of chocolates…but when was the last time you gifted something to yourself? It’s about time you dove into the world of self-care, and Panache is… Read more »


I am with the band…

The creative director at Panache an Aveda Salon, Juliana Koutouzakis, chats with photographer Carly Cristello, aka Snappin Necks, about their latest collaboration together, “I’m with the Band,” a musically inspired visual collection created by the ‘Panache All Stars’ hair and makeup creative ensemble!   JK: I was watching your instagram feed while you were touring… Read more »